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Community Service | Challenge Quilt

Challenge quilts from prior years:

These quilts are posted as a reminder of all the wonderful work that has been done with this challenge in the past!

2016 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: The "Tropical Surprise" theme was to be reflected in the finished quilt. Quilts needed to feature a recognizable piece of the tropical inspiration fabric!

First Place:
Nancy Searcy
Second Place:
Connie Harrison
Third Place:
Nadine Stuth
"Go Texan" Quilt:
Sharon Braunagel

2015 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Diamonds & Pearls" - members expressed themselves by creating quilts that are representative of our quilt show this year - "Diamonds & Pearls," through cloth!

First Place:
Melody Nelson "Twisted Star"
Second Place:
Connie Harrison "A Little Leagurer's Diamond and 'Pearls' "
Third Place:
Linda Winder "My Second Favorite Diamond"
Honorable Mention:
Nadine Stuth "Black Diamonds and Pearls Can Break Your Heart"

2014 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Quilt on the Wild Side" - define what this means for you figuratively or literallty, through cloth!

first place second place
First Place:
Linda Winder "Wild Things of Alaska"
Second Place:
Linda Novosad "Wild African Friends"
third place honorable mention
Third Place:
Charlotte Simpson "Window to the Wild"
Honorable Mention:
Pat Patterson "The Outback Wildl"

2013 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Quilt Your Pet" - turning your pet peeve or pet, into an extraordinary quilt!

my pet monsters Cat-timore Album
"My Pet Monsters"
Made & Quilted By: Laura North
"Cat-timore Album"
Made & Quilted By: Nadine Stuth

2012 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Paradise" - define what this means for you figuratively or literallty, through cloth!

1st Sherril Johnson 2nd Nancy Seracy
First Place:
Sherrill Johnson "Box of Chocolates"
Second Place:
Nancy Seracy "Flip Flop Paradise"
3rdDanaSuddeth 3rdConnieHarrison
Third Place (tie):
Dana Sudduth "Giant Garden"
Third Place(tie):
Connie Harrison "My Paradise - To Live in America the Beautiful"

2011 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Chopped" - turning a selection of everyday fabric, into an extraordinary quilt!

2011carequilt 1st 2011carequilt 2nd 2011carequilt 3rd
1st Place - Dana Sudduth
2nd Place - Marijane Deen
3rd Place - Connie Harrison

2010 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "All About Plaid" - The quilt needs to read "plaid"!

2009 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Anything Under The Sun" - Strip of selected fabric must be used!

2008 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Anty-depressant" - An 'ant' block & two accent fabrics must be used!