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Brazos Bluebonnet Quilt Guild Show

September 9-10, 2011 - Renaissance of Quilts

Photos were first published by Dana S. on Facebook (click here)
Way to go, Dana!! Enjoy!

Additional page of photos from Peggy C. and Briana M. added on 12/28/11

BBQG's beautiful 2012 Donation Quilt is below.

Below is the 2011 Donation Quilt which was awarded to Patsy S. of Wheelock, TX. She purchased her ticket from Joyce B. (in the photo below) without seeing the quilt at all!! We can only imagine how pleased she was when she opened up the quilt to view it for the first time. Joyce B. has been our top ticket-seller for years...thank you, Joyce!!

Photos are being added throughout this period of time...see below. Scroll down for more, and please be patient. Eventually, over 100 photos will be added.

Lynn M. won Best of Show, Go Texan, and Best Applique awards with her Springtime in the Brazos Valley. Deborah D. won Judge Marilyn Hardy's Recognition, Best Design, and Best Workmanship Awards with her Feathered Fancy Star. Nadine S. won Judge Nell Denman Smith's Recognition with her Leftover Popcorn.
Julie D. won Best Use of Color with her Indian Orange Peel. Ann L.R.Q.B. won Best Machine Quilting with her Baltimore Beginnings. Betty B. won Best Hand Quilting with her Welsh Beauty.
Theme Quilts: First Place - Deborah D. - Fancy Feathered Star Second Place - Margie K.W. - Spring Flight Third Place - Laura N. - A Wedding Wish: Love and Romance
Block of the Month/Kits: First Place - Linda B. - Fun With Snowpeople Second Place - Laura N. - Snowmen Third Place - Betty B. - Welsh Beauty
Wearables: First Place - Deborah B. 12th Century Armor Pad Second Place - Joan B. - A Wearable Art Quilt Third Place - Dawn M. - Bluebonnet Jacket
Miniature: First Place - JoAnn W. - Miniature Sampler Second Place - Kimberly D. - Falling Into Winter Third Place - Theresa M. - Shakespeare's Tulips
Other Techniques: First Place - Rowena R. - Stars Across Texas Second Place - Sue S. - In the Meadow Third Place - Michaele J. - Christmas Memories
Scrap: First Place - Nadine S. - Leftover Popcorn First Place - Julie D. - Indian Orange Peel Second Place - Margie K.W. - Monkey Wrench
Scrap continued: Third Place - Connie S. - Two at a Time Youth: First Place - Kate C. (and Aunt Michaele J.) -Kitty Cat
Reproduction: First Place - Margie K.W. Diamonds, Girls Best Friend Second Place - Margie K.W. - Pineapple Patch Third Place - Sue S. - Caroline's Butterflies
Group: First Place - The Applique Society Bee -A Jacobean Album Second Place - Michaele J. - Pizza Box Friends Second Place - Jeannette R.P. - Friendship - A blessing from God
(shown with three visitors who said they "love Sunbonnet Sue")
Group continued: Third Place - Bobbie M. - Asian Medley Third Place - Kerry D-S. - Christmas With Friends Honorable Mention - Nadine S. - Summer Retreat
Applique: First Place - Lynn M. - Springtime in the Brazos Valley Second Place - Ann L.R.Q.B. Baltimore Beginnings Third Place - Kassie C. Earth, Wind and Fire
Large Traditional Pieced: First Place - Diane B. - Finally Fall Second Place - Margie K.W. - Blue Out of Control Third Place - Kimberly D. Third Retreat's a Charm
Small Traditional Pieced: First Place - Cindy S. - I've Got the Blues Second Place - Lynn T. - Peach Delight Third Place - Michaele J. - Celebration
Third Place - Julie D. - Home Sweet Home Large Traditional Piece - Honorable Mention - Brenda K-S - Turning Twenty into Diamonds Large Traditional Piece - Honorable Mention - Julie D. - Crazy For Cowboys
Innovative and Art: First Place - Connie S. - Daisy Explosion Second Place - Sandra S. - New Dimensions Third Place - Mary Ann V-L - Green Card Garden
Innovative and Art continued: Honorable Mention - Maxine S. - Kitties Galore Honorable Mention - Mary Ann V-L - The Queen - Gala Opening 1939 Honorable Mention - Jessica S. - What a Wonderful World
Innovative and Art continued: Honorable Mention - Joan B. - OMG: CHAMPZ
Mixed Techniques: First Place - Lynn M. - Blue Diamonds Second Place - Kassie C. - Bunny Hop Third Place - Jo Ann W. - Rose Crossing
First Quilt: First Place - Pam J. - Lady of the Lake(THANKS to Linda B. for submitting this photo!) Second Place - John P. - #1 - Spumoni Rail Fence Third Place - Shawn C. - Emma's Quilt
Small Traditional Pieced continued: Honorable Mention - John P. - Pin Wheel Garden Applique continued: Honorable Mention - Jo Ann W. - Bailen's John Deere Other Technique continued: Honorable Mention - Bunny D. Tea cups & Flowers
Wearables continued: Honorable Mention - Betty B. - Crazy Logs Jacket Scrap continued: Honorable Mention - Sue S. - 48 Reds + 1 Green = A bushel of love Block of the Month/Kits continued: Honorable Mention - Dottie W. - Cucina Italiano
Block of the Month/Kits continued: Honorable Mention - Dottie W. - Spider Web
Remembering Donna Mies - one of the BBQG Founders Remembering Carol Patterson - a dear friend
Erica Dodge's booth Photo of the room BEFORE the Quilt Show set-up on Thursday - sent by Kerry D-S. Another view of the room BEFORE the Quilt Show set-up on Thursday - sent by Kerry D-S.
> On Thursday with some of the drapes set up - sent by Kerry D-S. On Thursday with some of the drapes set up - sent by Kerry D-S. On Thursday with some of the quilts on display - sent by Kerry D-S.
Behold the 2012 Donation Quilt:
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