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Community Service | Past Donation Quilts

These beautiful quilts are posted here as a reminder of all the wonderful work that has been done by the guild!

"Color In Flight" - 2016

Quilted by:Norma Reel
Designed and sewn by: Sharon Braunagel
Binding: made and applied by Beverly Alexander, then hand stitched to the quilt by the Thimbleberries Bee

2016 Quilt: color in flight

"Diamonds In The Sand" - 2015

Quilted by: Linda Bridges
Designed and sewn by: Teri Walker and friends of 'Country Living Quilts'

2015 Diamond in the Sand

"Sea Scape" - 2014

Quilted by: Norma Reel
Designed and sewn by: Kathy Ashley (Busy Bee's bee)


"Star Delight" - 2013

Quilted by: Lynn Thurston & Deb Deroche
Designed and sewn by: Marijane Deen & Nadine Stuth - binding by Nancy Searcy

The quilt was a collaborative effort. There was no pattern, we just designed as we went. It's an original and lots of fun to do.

Star Delight 2013

"Texas Our Texas" - 2012

Quilted by: Linda Bridges
Sewn by: Pinky Brauer, Linda Bridges, Kerry Dwyer-Stewart, Michaele Jackson, Peggy Leach, Lynn McCartney, Bobbie Middleton, Laura North, Laverne Ondrasek, Delores Rydell, Luci Smith, and JoAnn Williams
Design by: JoAnn Williams, Luci Smith, Peggy Leach. (Horse head pattern used from "Horsin' Around" by Log Cabin Quiltworks) Boot & hat block similar to "Texas Thistle and Wranglers' Gear" by Sharon Wilhelm.


"A Jacobean Applique" - 2011

Quilted by: Lynn McCartney
Sewn by: the "Nimble Needles" chapter of The Applique Society, over a two to three year period of time.
(Design adapted with permission from patterns of the late Pat Campbell)


"Texas Stars" - 2010

Quilted by: Linda Bridges
Sewn by: Beverly A
Design by:


"Garden Delight" - 2009

Quilted by:
Sewn by:
Design by:

2009 donation quilt


"??" - 2008

Quilted by:
Sewn by:
Design by:

"??" - 2007

Quilted by:
Sewn by:
Design by:

2007 donation quilt