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2019 Care Quilt Challenge:

The theme: "Garden Creatures"

Time for a new Challenge!

Each year there is a themed challenge to assist in creating care quilts for our community. Participants should express themselves by creating quilts!

In conjunction with our 2019 quilt show theme, "Garden Party" and the theme category for this years show, "Wild Flowers", this years challenge will be 'Garden Creatures"!

1. Quilt must be at least 42" x 42" and must be finished!
2. You may interpret and depict any type of garden creature on your quilt.
3. Quilts will be judged at the close of the quilt show around 5pm, on Sept 7th.

Please participate and help us! Pieced blocks, applique and/or fabric embellishment are encouraged, but remember it may be given to a small child so be cautious of buttons or other things that could be swallowed - everything should be tacked down carefully & securely!

As in the past, the quilts are donated to the guild, to be used for community service. The top three winners are auctioned off after the quilt show, the rest will be donated as Care Quilts!

All challenge entries must complete the entry process, however there is no registration fee.

Total amount raised by 2018 challenge: $475!

Lou Ellen Hassold - Committee Chair

2018 Care Quilt Challenge Results:

The theme, "What The Cluck!", was inspired by white fabric with gray chicken wire printed overall! The challenge was to incorporate a recognizable piece of this fabric into each care quilt. The results were just wonderful!

Voting Results
First Place: made by Martha Fuller,
quilted by Norma Reel
First Place Quilt

Second Place: made and quilted by Nancy Searcy

Second Place Quilt
Third Place: made and quilted by Marjane Deen
Third Place Quilt

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