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Challenge quilts from prior years:

These quilts are posted as a reminder of all the wonderful work that has been done with this challenge in the past!

2019 Care Quilt Challenge Results:

The theme, "Garden Creatures": Participating guild members are challenged to create their best interpretations of creative creatures!

"Bugs In A Jar" First Place: made by Maggie McGuire,
quilted by Peachy Burlin

"Bluebird in my Garden" Second Place: made and quilted by Marijane Deen

"Ladies in the Garden" Third Place: made and quilted by Connie Garrison

2018 Care Quilt Challenge Results:

The theme, "What The Cluck!", was inspired by white fabric with gray chicken wire printed overall! The challenge was to incorporate a recognizable piece of this fabric into each care quilt. The results were just wonderful!

First Place: made by Martha Fuller,
quilted by Norma Reel
First Place Quilt

Second Place: made and quilted by Nancy Searcy

Second Place Quilt
Third Place: made and quilted by Marjane Deen
Third Place Quilt

2017 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: Inspired by the song, "Swingin' On A Star", the challenge was to incoporate at least one of the animals mentioned in the song (mule, pig, fish or monkey), as well as the show theme, stars into each care quilt.

First Place: Swing' Monkey, made by Martha Fuller, quilted by Megan Brewster
Second Place: Monkey-ing Around in the Stars, made and quilted by Sue Sprott
Third Place: Monkey Challenge, made and quilted by Marjane Deen
Forth Place: If you don't like to go to school, you could grow up to be a mule, made and quilted by Laura North

2016 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: The "Tropical Surprise" theme was to be reflected in the finished quilt. Quilts needed to feature a recognizable piece of the tropical inspiration fabric!

First Place:
Nancy Searcy
Second Place:
Connie Harrison
Third Place:
Nadine Stuth
"Go Texan" Quilt:
Sharon Braunagel

2015 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Diamonds & Pearls" - members expressed themselves by creating quilts that are representative of our quilt show this year - "Diamonds & Pearls," through cloth!

First Place:
Melody Nelson "Twisted Star"
Second Place:
Connie Harrison "A Little Leagurer's Diamond and 'Pearls' "
Third Place:
Linda Winder "My Second Favorite Diamond"
Honorable Mention:
Nadine Stuth "Black Diamonds and Pearls Can Break Your Heart"

2014 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Quilt on the Wild Side" - define what this means for you figuratively or literallty, through cloth!

first place second place
First Place:
Linda Winder "Wild Things of Alaska"
Second Place:
Linda Novosad "Wild African Friends"
third place honorable mention
Third Place:
Charlotte Simpson "Window to the Wild"
Honorable Mention:
Pat Patterson "The Outback Wildl"

2013 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Quilt Your Pet" - turning your pet peeve or pet, into an extraordinary quilt!

my pet monsters Cat-timore Album
"My Pet Monsters"
Made & Quilted By: Laura North
"Cat-timore Album"
Made & Quilted By: Nadine Stuth

2012 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Paradise" - define what this means for you figuratively or literallty, through cloth!

1st Sherril Johnson 2nd Nancy Seracy
First Place:
Sherrill Johnson "Box of Chocolates"
Second Place:
Nancy Seracy "Flip Flop Paradise"
3rdDanaSuddeth 3rdConnieHarrison
Third Place (tie):
Dana Sudduth "Giant Garden"
Third Place(tie):
Connie Harrison "My Paradise - To Live in America the Beautiful"

2011 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Chopped" - turning a selection of everyday fabric, into an extraordinary quilt!

2011carequilt 1st 2011carequilt 2nd 2011carequilt 3rd
1st Place - Dana Sudduth
2nd Place - Marijane Deen
3rd Place - Connie Harrison

2010 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "All About Plaid" - The quilt needs to read "plaid"!

2009 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Anything Under The Sun" - Strip of selected fabric must be used!

2008 Care Quilt Challenge:

Theme: "Anty-depressant" - An 'ant' block & two accent fabrics must be used!