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Community Service | Care Quilts

Care Quilts Project:

Wednesday June 13th was our 2018 annual Care Quilt workday!

American Legion Post 159
, 101 Waco St. Bryan

Please join us at, anytime between 9 am – 3 pm. Bring your machine to sew or just show up! We will be needing to tie quilts! Copme join us and learn how it's done! We'll find a job for you to do! It will be a fun experience that helps so many people who need a Care Quilt.

--> Coincidentally, it was also National Sewing Machine Day! Twenty-five people came together to make Care Quilts and the progress was amazing! Two groups tied quilts and one volunteered to take those remaining home to finish!

About the day: A station for cutting, quickly turned out fabric for binding and squaring up quilts. We had four people sewing binding and putting binding onto quilts. At the end of the day, we had a pile of quilts ready to be taken home for hand binding.

The stats: 17 completed quilts were brought to the event (Laverne 14 and Nancy 3). 2 quilts created, 8 quilts taken home to be hand bonded, 11 sandwiches to be tied (8 with Linda), 5 sandwiches sent home to be machine quilted, 3 tops to be paired with backing, and yards of binding ready for next year!

Awesome job and a big THANK YOU to those who came and helped us with the Care Quilt workshop.

Chairmen Stepping Down: During the June Meeting, it was announced that the Care Quilt Chairmen, Nicole Pavel and Stephanie Modrall will be stepping down. For the past two years, they have been spreading the Bluebonnet Care Quilts across the Bryan/College Station area to local groups in needed. Their main focus was to organize quilts in the Guild storage unit, transition historic hard copy donation levels to a digital file, and offer guild members supplies if they did not have the resources to make Care Quilts.

Care Quilt Background: Care Quilts are created by guild members. “Bluebonnet Quilting Guild” labels are placed on the quilts before being distributed to local groups, which include: Hospice, Phoebe’s Home, BCS Prenatal Clinic, Child Protective Services, and cancer patients. Once a year in June, the Guild has an all day Care Quilt event that focuses on hand tying quilts.

Since the inception of Care Quilts in 1996, a total of 4,794 quilts have been given by the Guild.

Quilts are always needed and can be donated at any guild meeting! The only request we make is that you just do your best work! Begining quilters are more than welcome to participate in this activity - we will be more than happy to teach you!!

Optimum sizes: 36" x 45", 45" x 45", and 45" x 60" in any color, tied or quilted, designed for men, women or babies - cheater cloth is just fine! Note: we will take ANY size quilt you can give us as larger quilts are sometimes needed!

Current Inventory (1/2018)
Baby (flannel/Minky) Approx 45" x 45" 0
Kids (Kid themes) Approx 45" x 60" 26
Adults (for men & women) Approx 45" x 60" 20
"tops" to be finished   25

Feel free to contact Rachelle Kubricht or Karlisa Petroski - committee chairs, for more information.

Care Quilt Work Day 2018
About 25 members participated during the day.

Group shot of members busy working!

Nichole busy cutting, Linda Novosad & JoAnn William hand sewing.

Charles & ? stitching down bindings.

Kitty & Laverne tying a quilt

Thanks to the American Legion for allowing us to use their wonderful space to work!

Inventory of Care Quiltsl

Nicole Pavel & Stephanie Modrall, Committee Chairs


Care Quilt Work Day 2009
Attendance was down, but 25 quilts were finished in addition to the seven that Sue Ryan made during the day.

Luci Smith, Committee Chair
Alice Shinn

Miss Lil

"Miss Lil" and her daughter
Pat Patterson

Jane Riggs
JoAnn Williams & Carol Willson
Mary Fran Troy & Peggy Mobley
Delores Rydell
Sue Ryan
Peggy Mobley, Carol Wilson, Shirley & Carolyn
Sue Idol & Sue Keil
Debbie Ginn & Luci Smith
Rowena Reed