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Community Service | Soldier's Squares

Soldier's Squares Project:

project overview

This project involves giving thanks & support to our soldiers and military community.

“Military Prayer Squares” have a patriotic theme and are small enough that active-duty personnel can put them in their helmets or inside their shirts to remind them that family and friends are praying for their safety as they defend our country, whether they are state-side or overseas. The quilts and prayer squares have been sent to locations throughout the United States and overseas as well.

Sample Soilders' Square
front back

The idea behind these squares is simple. A heavy thread is used to take stitches through the quilt layers, and the ends are left free to be tied with square knot. As each knot is tied, a silent prayer is said for someone in special need, who then receives the finished quilt.

A message is attached to each square: “Each knot on the square represents a prayer that was said just for you...Remember, even if the knot comes out, the prayer lasts forever.”

Soilders squares are given to American Legion Post 159 to be included in their monthly mailings to deployed service members.

Any requests for distribution should be directed to Kitty Ard - Committee Chair

One of the Recipients of Our Project
Travis sent his photo with Psalm 91 on the back. He received one of the Soldier's Squares and sent some bookmarks for the guild to enjoy.
God bless these young women and men who are protecting our freedom.

From one of our guild members:

BBQG Friends, I am writing to extend a big “Thank You” from a new friend. A recent Friday, I was on my way to Kerrville and stopped for my first visit at Valli and Kim Quilt Shop, in Dripping Springs. Kim assisted me and when I told her I was from the Bryan and College Station area, she asked me about the Bluebonnet Quilt Guild. When I told her I am a member, she smiled very sweetly and told me she needed to thank the Guild. Her son, Taylor, had returned from Iraq on Tuesday (just three days prior). When he pulled laundry from his bags he exclaimed, “Mom, you will love this!” as he tossed one of BBQG’s Prayer Squares to her. Kim is appreciative for him to have received our prayers and a token of our thanks. --Becky H.